Horror Portals has a long timeline, and this one will consists of birth-dates, death dates, dates of eventful events, etc. Hence, spoilers ahead! I A Horror Portals Fan (no. im not a developer) Will Tell You All The Storyline! so. I Think Everything Begins In Winter wonderland. As It Isn't Scary, Then Its Zombie Train, Beacause In The Secret Ending of WW Santa Says: Their next destenation is the train. i wonder what HIS next move will be, and in zombie train, we might have time Travled by accdient. And Then We See Where All The Dolls Came from. And Luke Might Get Kidnapped. Because In HH The Luke Doll Has A Mask, And He Also has One In His Tube. And I Think He (or Hope or its Faith) Was The First Person To Be Made Into A Doll. And If Your Confused, When You Go Up To Lukes Tube You Say: I Wonder Who this is... So ZT Might Be In The Past. And Then its HBI Where The First Events For Us Begin. And Then Its Obviously JC. And Im Really tired of typing so uh ima edit this later And Then Its HH And Then Its NN (short for Nylah's Nursery) And then ZT and im the person who typed in (Excited For Nylah's Nursery!

i think ZT or WW is where it all begins.) and, developers. Whould You Mind Editing The Death dates. And Birth dates and dates of the Events. and maybe correct me. if im wrong ofc (Still work in progress) and please don't get mad at me for changing it pls dont ban me from horror portals and just so you know my username on roblox is: SuperFanatic22

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