Jixxio pet

Jixxio Pet!, the only pet made of a Developer.

Pets are the main objectives of this game, with most of the pets being bought with 750 Robux for every perk.

Story pets - Each DOLL of each portal will only give you ONE perk, here are the following perks each one gives:

Isabella DOLL: x1.5 speed

Jolly DOLL: x1.5 Health

Code pets - Code DOLLs will only give you a light effect, to see better in the dark. The following code pets are -

JixxioBuilds - Gain a pet of the developer Jixxio!

Jixxio - After having mrflimflam (a.k.a Flamingo, Albert, or AlbertsStuff) test our game, we Malakedecided to add Felipe as a code! Gain a pet of Felipe Reborn!

YT pets - These pets cost each 750 Robux, they will give you all 4 perks.

For example:

InquisterMaster pet:

x1.5 Speed

x1.5 Jump power

x1.5 Health

Bonus Light Effect

Sub to xXFoxyXx for more!

Pets' Reference Images Edit

code in the

Horror portals ( jolly's carnival ,happy birthday isabella and holmes hospital

or4fi 0 why?
SUB TO xXFoxyXx yassss 9 Obiously
SubTo xXFoxyXx 40subs 8 Yay, This has been vandalized
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