Jolly's Carnival is the second portal of the game.

JC is short for Jolly's Carnival.


A week after the events of "Happy Birthday Isabella" you and your three friends: Timmy, Josh and Isabella arrive at...Jolly's Carnival! You enjoy riding the rides, playing the games and then have a nice show at the end! Nothing can go wrong..........right?



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Badge for Stranded - Normal Ending

A normal ending, where players run back to the ladder as expected during the final killer chase. Players can obtain this badge by running straight to the end in the final killer chase and going through few obbies.

Lawful LapineEdit


Badge for Lawful Lapine - Isabella Ending

​​​​​​Exorcism ending, which has the hottest character in the series, lapine. Only the best players can get this ending. 

A Ringmasters WishEdit


Badge for A Ringmaster's Wish - Bad Ending

A lolllolololloll this best ending no one else Can your get Doll Creation

Badge for Doll Creation - Secret Ending

only drdarkmatter can get this ending it’s the best your not get it ugly

Other Badges Edit

Win the Dunk a Duck Booth Edit


Badge of the "Win the Dunk a Duck Booth"

In this game, players have to dunk 5 ducks in 10 seconds.

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