Isabella Hudson Smith is one of the protagonists of Horror Portals, having appeared in three of the following stories: Happy Birthday Isabella, Jolly's Carnival, and Holmes' Hospital.

Biography Edit

Isabella is a teenage girl who is currently living with her Dad and Kate. Her current, biological mother, has taken two of her siblings and has remained in hiding, due to the divorce, Isabella has a bad relationship with her Dad and her stepmother.

Somewhere during her life, she turned into a sociopath, taking satisfaction in others' pain, evidenced in Happy Birthday Isabella and Jolly's Carnival.

Her 19th Birthday; (Happy Birthday Isabella) Edit

Her Dad, Amber and Kate helped set up Isabella's birthday, and her friends helped surprise her. The birthday was going smoothly.. until Isabella's Dad revealed that Kate is her stepmother. Isabella, now dishearten, proceeded to hatch a plan with Amber, to run into the forest and prank her friends and family.

After escorting Isabella into the forest, Amber came back and immediately alerted Isabella's Dad, and it worked. Everyone filled in the three cars, and drove to the forest, they were setting up the camp and the campfire for the night.

When the players finished collecting the woods, an attacker in a bunny suit chased after them. After the attacker disappeared, Isabella's Dad made the players go to the pond, in which, they found her doll. Her Dad pleaded for everyone to sleep in Isabella's tent, but whoever slept in her tent were murdered.

They saw a trail of blood, which ultimately leads to an abandoned shack of house, where Isabella and Amber revealed that they have been fooled all this time. A familiar guy in bunny suit appeared and dropped the players into an obstacle course, in which they finished it and escaped from the house.

However, the bunny man have been following them all along, and chased them into three places; the camp, the pond and the house back itself.

The Camp Ending (Secret + Normal Ending)

Isabella, and the player running to the camp flees the camp with Isabella's Dad and Kate. When they're in the car, he scolded Isabella for running off, as her face turns to that of the Isabella's doll's face, leaving the ending in a cliff-hanger.

The Pond Ending-

The player presumably hidden besides the pond, as a 'Later that day..' sequence depicts the bunny man holding a Isabella doll, whom is presumably left behind. He claimed her as his own, and leaving the ending in a cliffhanger.

The Tea Party Ending-

The player presumably hidden inside the house, and witnessed a tea party between the bunny man and the Isabella doll in a time skip sequence similar to The Pond Ending. He said that the doll and him would have a tea party forever, leaving the ending in a cliffhanger.

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